Martin Amis's Latest: A Provocative Holocaust Telling

'Who are you. You don’t know. Then you come to the Zone of Interest, and it tells you who you are.' –Paul Doll

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A Thriller Unlike Any Other: I Am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes


Carl Hiaasen Goes YA with Skink, Gators, Wi-fi, and a Missing Eye.


3 Can't-Miss Romances: Something for Everyone


Drilling Down: Law and Oil Collide in the Ecuadorian Jungle


How to Read Walter Mosley


Near Escape from Newark: The Short and Tragic Life of Robert Peace


September 22, 2014

Stronger, Faster, Better: Barracuda by Christos Tsiolkas

He was better than all of them. Stronger, faster, better. Strongest, fastest, best. Daniel Kelly lives at the center of Christos Tsiolkas's novel Barracuda.

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September 21, 2014

Each Twin Has Only Half the Story: I'll Give You the Sun

Jandy Nelson’s new novel is heartbreaking and heartwarming all at once, and will satisfy teens and adults alike.

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September 20, 2014

Discover the Beauty of Claudia Connor's New Romance, Worth the Fall

Claudia Connor’s new romance novel, Worth the Fall, will introduce you to the McKinney brothers – who you’ll surely be glad you met.

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September 19, 2014

Uncovering Bacha Posh: The Underground Girls of Kabul

Jenny Nordberg’s new book, The Underground Girls of Kabul: In Search of a Hidden Resistance in Afghanistan, is as illuminating as it is troubling.

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September 18, 2014

Great Fiction from the Musician's Mind: John Darnielle's Wolf in White Van

Anyone who's listened to the entirety of a Mountain Goats' album knows that Darnielle is essentially a short story writer who happens to release his collections set to music.

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September 17, 2014

What's Worse Than Life at 'The Knick'?

The world Cristin O’Keefe Aptowicz paints in her new book, Dr. Mutter’s Marvels, sheds light on the gruesome beginnings of modern medicine.

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September 16, 2014

Be Tricked Into Reading Margaret Atwood's Stone Mattress

The tales in Atwood's latest collection aren't aren’t the 'quiet stories' that your friend who rolls his own cigarettes recommends. The protagonists are as much bodies in motion as they are well-written portraits.

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