January 2, 2016

New Romance Series from Tracy Wolff: Hotwired

Tracy Wolff’s new series, Hotwired, is off to a heart-stopping start with the first novel, Accelerate.

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January 1, 2016

Life Is a Miracle: An Excerpt from Eric Metaxas's Book

In Eric Metaxas's book, Miracles: What They Are, Why They Happen, and How They Can Change Your Life, the author dives into the faith in, and science and evidence of miracles. Check out this excerpt.

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December 31, 2015

10 Books to Help Along Your New Year's Resolutions

As you ring in the New Year with vows to eat better, organize efficiently, and invest wisely, we've got a few books to help get you started.

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December 30, 2015

Get to Know Mystery Novelist Chris Ewan with Dark Tides

English author Chris Ewan has a good handful of mystery novels to choose from – and we recommend you start with Dark Tides.

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December 29, 2015

A Life in Music: The Song of Hartgrove Hall by Natasha Solomons

Natasha Solomons's latest novel creates a vivid portrait of one man's life and his love of music set against a brilliant backdrop.

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December 28, 2015

Have You Read A Girl Is a Half-formed Thing Yet?

Eimer McBride’s 2013 debut novel, A Girl Is a Half-formed Thing, is as lauded as a first novel can be. So what are you waiting for?

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December 27, 2015

Pitch Perfect at Sea: The Trouble with Destiny by Lauren Morrill

In Lauren Morrill's new young adult novel, The Trouble with Destiny, seventeen-year-old Liza has a lot on her plate. As drum major of the Holland High Marching Band, she's taken on responsibility for the success of her high school's ragtag group of dedicated, passionate musicians, who also happen to make up her group of best […]

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